I quit my job today

I’m not a quitter, but I quit.


The expectations of being a lifeguard at the local pool during the summer:

laid back days, tan skin, sun-kissed hair, and a nice body. Even though you don’t work out..I mean, you’re a life guard..all life guards have nice bodies.

The reality of being a lifeguard:

Sun burns, hair that reeks of chlorine even after numerous shampoos, and dirty bathrooms.


As anyone who has been to a public pool knows, the pool’s bathroom is just about the most disgusting place on the surface of the earth. The floors are covered in water…i think…and toilet paper and paper towels are all over the floor, wet, of course, and everyone is barefoot and the smell…don’t even get me started on the smell.

Now imagine having to clean that..no worse, imagine having to clean it when no one ever does. Days and days of accumulated filth..


You can imagine my reaction to a place like this after having spent last summer working at the indoor pool of a military school, where the bathrooms were cleaned by real janitors and they were cleaned hourly…yes, every hour, not week. Anyway, not only was my new work place not clean, but none of the employees seemed disturbed by the fact that it was nauseously dirty.

I thought I would look past this since I don’t have to be in the bathrooms at all, really, and that was the worst part of the pool. The rest of it appeared pretty clean. The trash on the deck of the pool was swept out into the middle of the parking lot everyday when the pool closed. Don’t worry though! No big deal, they told me it’s “just garbage.”

It was one of those jobs- I would go home, complain all night, wake up and do it all over again. I suppose every job is like that. I feel like I had it worse, especially since I was the new kid. Whatever, weeks went by.

Guess who had to unclog the toilet in the men’s restroom with the plunger that hasn’t been cleaned since last century?

the new kid.

Guess who had to stay after hours and sweep all the trash from the dock of the pool to the middle of the street because it’s “just garbage” and  that’s what the manager said to do

the new kid.

I was only employee there when the pool closed. The manager wouldn’t even look at me when I spoke to her. The facilities were disgusting. Anyway, point is I quit. And I’m no quitter, but I quit.

I haven’t regretted it yet!

I’m gonna be a tutor for the rest of the summer, I bet I won’t have to unclog any toilets doing that.